Level I = Beginners welcome!

Level II = Some yoga experience recommended

Morning Mix (I/II)

Get your circulation and breath flowing within a mixed-level moving practice filled with a variety of postures to support the development of stability, mobility, flexibility and ease to carry with you through your daily activities.

Morning Mix Plus (II)

All of the benefits of Morning Mix PLUS a few elements of power sprinkled in.

Slow Flow/Deep Stretch (I/II)

This class is a great time to slow down and sharpen your awareness to the subtle details of the yoga postures. Explore how moving slower and holding longer supports concentration and lessens distraction. Explore a variety of postures that eventually moves you towards a time of deep stretch within a sequence of floor postures. Finish up the experience in a time of supportive relaxation.

Rest & Restore (I/II)

This slow-paced class uses restorative floor yoga postures, held for an extended period while supported with props to encourage minimal effort within the physical body to access stillness, rest and ease. These deeply restorative postures are designed to support nourishment and a calming effect within the nervous system which supports a reset and balance within the entire system. This class is appropriate and encouraged for all levels.

Strength & Stability Flow (II)

A vigorous practice to increase circulation and support challenge within the development of muscular strength and balance along with joint stability and mobility access. Finish up with floor posture stretches and a time of relaxation. Great for developing strong posture, core stability and overall strength while increasing mobility, endurance, stamina and more.

Yoga Basics (I/II)

Basic but not necessarily easy. A great way to build a strong foundation within basic yoga postures, body alignment, use of props and posture modifications, supported with integrated breathing techniques. Learn key sequences, such as the Sun Salutation progression and how to adapt, adjust and support your personal practice. Posture breakdowns will be offered to provide an in-depth understanding of how you can explore and develop within your practice.

Deep Stretch (I/II)

A slower-paced class to gain length and expanded flexibility through longer holds and access to the deeper tissues of support within the body with less muscular effort. Strong breath focus will be encouraged to support the mental space of holding and exploring each shape for an extended period of time. This is a great complement within your movement flow practice.

Slow Flow (I/II)

A slower paced class that allows you to develop concentration and focus within longer holds, ease of transitions in and out of postures, and opportunities to sharpen your awareness with the yoga postures. This class is great for the circulatory and lymphatic systems using a variety of movements to nourish the inner tissue of the body.

Class Rates & Descriptions

Drop-in class - $10

Unlimited Classes for $45/monthly draft!

Draft Discounts for YMCA and Forum Members.

10 Class Pass for $80

1 Month at a time Unlimited Classes - $60

1 Year Unlimited Classes - $450

 Special for first time guests to try us out - 2 Weeks Unlimited for $25



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