Erin Messemer

Erin completed her 200-hour yoga teacher certification through Asheville Yoga Center. She uses humor and a laid-back approach to yoga that makes everyone feel welcome. Erin has been a school counselor since 2003 and a licensed clinical mental health counselor since 2006. She loves music and rarely misses an opportunity to see a live show. She lives in Kannapolis with her husband of twenty years and five spoiled pets.

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Jessica Jaynes

Jessica is a North Carolina native with a global career as a performing artist and a background in modern and ancient medicine. Jessica’s personal healing journey inspired her to continue her work in humanitarianism, global and public healthcare, yoga therapy, and co-creating Mindful Movement (see www.mindfulmovement-dh.com for more info).  

Currently, she is a third-year clinical intern in Ayurvedic medicine and a certified Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist, practicing herbology.  Her research and innovative healing methods have been recognized in the holistic health community and she has been a guest on podcasts including Bella*Life, public speaker, workshop host, and guest instructor.  

Jessica continues to pursue her dance career as a performing artist, choreographer, and artistic director of a ballet program in Charlotte. She just returned from her second year in the professional studies program at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.  

Jessica believes the most important thing we can do to raise the vibration of the planet is to help others discover their soul's purpose through the exploration of mind, body, and the universal language of movement. 



 Janet Ruffin

Janet has 25 years of experience in fitness and is a certified Les Mills instructor in multiple programs She loves to encourage her students to explore their bodies through steady movements that will help with flexibility, strengthening, and invigorating the mind. Janet enjoys spending time with her family and her pets. She is an active gardener, bird watcher and loves to hike and walk. She is also the Attractions/Greenspace Blogger for Your Rowan.

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                                                                           Tammy Ness-Haville
Tammy has practiced yoga for over 20 years, feeling the call to learn more, she received her 200 -hour Teacher Certification from City Yoga in Indianapolis, IN with Nicki Myers and Marsha Pappas.  Yoga has been a constant source to help Tammy navigate through stressful situations and find peace within.  She moved to Huntersville NC in 2015 and received her second teaching certification and most recently moved to Salisbury in September; to build her forever dream home with her fiancé and their 2 dogs.  Tammy owns a bookkeeping and tax service and loves to incorporate the benefits of a consistent yoga practice with managing and running a business. Tammy's  philosophy is “Life is way too short to be stressed.”   Tammy teaches a foundational practice with awareness to breathe. She encourages her students to take yoga off the mat and incorporate the many benefits into their daily lives.



                     Chloe Kirkpatrick
Chloe has been teaching yoga for over 4 years. With a passion for fitness and helping others, she completed her 200-hour certification Enlighten Yoga.  In addition to teaching yoga, she is also a high school art teacher. In her free time, she enjoys art, cooking, movies, and spending time with her two doodles.


                                                                                  ANNE AUSTIN

Anne Austin (RYT 500) has been a student of the practice for twelve years and a teacher for five. Anne teaches a traditional flow style, linking movement with breath while incorporating anatomy and alignment base principles designed to develop mobility and stability.  Always a student of the practice, she strives to make each class accessible for each individual. Anne earned her 200-hour certification and her 300-hour Advanced Yoga Studies certification with Sandy Raper.Anne believes the body is our best teacher, learn to listen to it. Our mind is our biggest distraction, learn to silence the noise. 



 Bev Maley

 Bev enjoys hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding, traveling to see family, and various projects with her husband.  Her most recent interest has been diving into Feng Shui concepts. She was certified with American Council on Exercise and taught in upstate NY, where she originates from. She has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and throughout the last 10, her dedication to yoga has brought her closer to her mat.  She is an RTY200 and trained with Sandy Raper.  Through the breath and movement of Yoga, Bev hopes to help others notice and feel the inner calm that is within us all.  It is then available to be accessed, taking our peace ‘off the mat’ and into the world.  She looks forward to practicing with you!



  Gail Poulton

Gail completed her 200-hour yoga instructor certificate with Peachtree Yoga Center/Atlanta Yoga Fellowship in 1996 and is certified by the Tai Chi for Health Institute.  Her gentle, slow-paced classes focus on breath, alignment, balance, strength, and flexibility. Gail lives in Salisbury and loves spending time in nature.



                          Sandy Raper

A modern yogi, Sandy finds balance and sustainability as a wife and mother of three boys while cultivating longevity as a yoga teacher, educator, and teacher trainer. Sandy has practiced yoga for almost two decades and continues to seek methods and new avenues of exploring and sharing the beautiful gift of the practice. Her modern approach to the traditional yoga practice is imbued with attention to detail and efficiency in movements, alignment, and techniques.  Sandy desires for her students to cultivate and grow in their personal yoga practice, building trust in themselves to listen to their bodies and cultivate a practice that serves their lives on and off the mat. Sandy has studied extensively with Rolf Gates and Tiffany Cruikshank having received E-RYT 500 certification with both. She is a Yoga Medicine™ Therapeutic Specialist and the host of the Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Podcast. 


Meredith Abramson

Meredith began practicing yoga in 2000 as a newlywed with her sweet husband, Andy. Since then she's discovered the deep and diverse benefits of the practice, so much so that when the opportunity to study with Sandy Raper surfaced in the summer of 2017, she was ready.  Since completing her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in February 2018, she has been able to bring yoga to unique venues in Salisbury and across Rowan County, and is excited to continue that yoga-teaching journey at SoFul Yoga Railwalk.  When she's not practicing yoga, Meredith spends her days teaching art to high school students.  An avid runner and versatile athlete, Meredith loves to travel and incorporate outdoorsy and athletic adventures while doing so -- often with Andy and their daughters, Macy and Miles, by her side.


             Stephanie Frantz

         Soful Railwalk Studio Manager

Stephanie began practicing yoga regularly during graduate school, as a way to help with anxiety, increase strength and agility. She soon discovered that her practice supported her physical, mental and emotional growth. She decided to become a yoga teacher and share the benefits that she experienced with others. Stephanie completed her 200-hour teacher training with Sandy Raper She loves to encourage her students to take the lessons of yoga “off the mat” and out into their day with them. Stephanie leads a busy life as a part-time manager, full-time mom (to two strong-willed rambunctious little boys!), and wife to an extremely supportive husband. She draws upon the calm and stillness yoga provides in order to meet the demands of her daily life with a full and open heart.



                                                                                          Mary Rosser

Mary has enjoyed practicing and leading yoga for over 20 years. With a degree in kinesiology and background in health and fitness, Mary is an avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast. She uses yoga to balance and complement these activities and provide a strong foundation for sport and for life. Mary is also Director at The Pedal Factory in Salisbury, is married and mom to two teenagers.

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Todd Hildebran:

Todd and his wife Tracy have lived in Salisbury for 26 years and feel like natives.  He has two sons and two grandchildren, one girl and one boy. Todd began practicing yoga three years ago and found the metaphysical and spiritual side of the practice to be uplifting and healing. He feels lucky he found a great yoga community to enrich the experience and completed his yoga teacher training with Sandy Raper at SoFul. Todd is a retired retail executive and semi-retired real estate investor.  Other than Yoga, he loves to travel and eat.  He has visited over 25 countries and has toured the “Our State” magazine top 25 restaurants in North Carolina.  He also owns a studio that features artists Cotton Ketchie, Jim Mangum, Bob Timberlake and the largest Disney Porcelain collection in North Carolina. 



                          Steve Safrit

Steve has been in the fitness field for more than 30 years, serving as an ambassador for many people.  His story began in 2001 when he earned certification from Energy Quest and Teri Reeves, his mentor. He then acquired a level 1 and 2 Karate background from SideKick Karate of Salisbury, and his journey into yoga progressed. After leading classes at Gold's Gym and The Forum of Salisbury and Lexington, Steve began to teach yoga at pediatric centers, health fairs, schools, and churches to share with others what he had learned. He is certified through Expert Rating and enjoys sharing his knowledge, time, and new experiences at SoFul Yoga. 


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 Abigail Varner

After practicing yoga for nearly 10 years, Abigail was intrigued to learn more and share her love of the practice with others. Abigail completed her 200-hour teacher training under the direction of Sandy Raper. Abigail personally practices at Soful and has a dedicated love of this wonderful community. She is excited to begin her teaching journey at Soful. Besides yoga, Abigail spends most of her time being a blessed wife to her husband, Erik, and a mother to their four spirited daughters.  


   Karley Turner

Karley has been practicing yoga for over nine years and previously taught at Appalachian State in the University Recreation Program. She completed her 200-hour certification with Be Yoga in May 2021.
Karley loves sharing yoga with others and hopes that those coming to her classes will find it a place to breathe deeply, let go, and reconnect with the beauty of their inner selves.
When she is not practicing yoga or spending time at her day job as a Kindergarten teacher, Karley enjoys hiking, gardening, and baking.



325 North Lee Street
Salisbury, NC 28144