md300 Gail Poulton

Yoga & Tai-Chi Instructor

Gail has been teaching yoga for more than 25 years. Her gentle, slow-paced classes focus on breath, alignment, balance, strength, and flexibility. Instruction features verbal cues to help students stay aware of their bodies as they inhabit and hold each posture. Trained in Kripalu Yoga (Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health), Iyengar Yoga (Rodney Yee) and Anusara Yoga (John Friend), Gail earned a 200-hour yoga instructor certificate from Peachtree Yoga Center/Atlanta Yoga Fellowship in 1996. She also teaches tai chi, (certified by Tai Chi for Health Institute 2010), qi gong and meditation.


1024 S. Fulton St. | Upstairs | Enter on Ridge Avenue
Salisbury, NC 28144