md300 Maia Smith

Yoga Instructor, Certified Nutritionist​

Maia is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher, certified integrative nutrition coach, published author, and motivational speaker. She considers herself a health activist and is determined to help as many women as she can on their journey to health. She integrates yoga to help her clients to achieve mind-body-spirit connection! Maia came to the mat from a demanding business position, so she has a keen ability to connect and understand the needs of modern-day professional yogis for balance and relaxation. Type A by nature, she herself was in a great need of balance. Always a student at heart, she grows with her students as a teacher and as a person. Maia's passionate and inspirational style of teaching is a balanced fusion of a vinyasa and power yoga with attention to holistic alignment, personal evolution, and humor.


1024 S. Fulton St. | Upstairs | Enter on Ridge Avenue
Salisbury, NC 28144