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Yoga Instructor

I have been in the fitness field for over 30 years serving as an ambassador for people from all walks of life.  My journey has afforded me this exciting time to help more folks on a deeper level at SoFul Yoga.  So I am excited to lead all interested people from a backstory that started in 2001 with a certification from Energy Quest and Teri Reeves as my mentor.  Afterward, I approached SideKick Karate of Salisbury and acquired a level 1 and 2 Karate background that helped further my journey into yoga.  After leading classes at Gold's Gym and The Forum of Salisbury and Lexington, NC I decided to take the teachings to pediatric centers, health fairs, schools and churches to share with others what I have learned.  From 2015-2019 I was certified through Expert Rating.  I look forward to sharing time and new experiences on the mat at SoFul Yoga.  Please come and enjoy the blissfulness.


1024 S. Fulton St. | Upstairs | Enter on Ridge Avenue
Salisbury, NC 28144